Updated on July 18, 2022

Team members

image-liondance performance

Lion dance team members

Lion dance team consists of lion puppet dancers and the percussion members.

Each lion puppet will have two lion puppet dancers. One person dons the lion head over his/her body and a second person gets under a colourful embroidered drape which represents the body and the tail of the lion.

As the lion dance activity is of physical nature, the dance is performed by someone who is well-conditioned physically, typically Chinese martial art practitioners.

The lion head

The lion dancer who manipulates the lion head is skillful in puppeteering and bringing animal like spirit into the dance.

The lion tail

The lion dancer who forms the body and tail of the lion, moves its body and tail by following the lead of the lion head.

The lion tail dancer also provide the physical strength in allowing the lion to pounce and leap into aerial stunts.

During the lion dance, the lion moves and frolics to the rhythm of the beats of drum from the percussion team.

The percussion team

Percussion team consists of a drummer, a gong player and cymbalists.

The drum is the lead and directs the actions of the lion. Each drumming beat pattern signifies a movement pattern that the lion must perform.