Updated on June 28, 2022

Promotion & Marketing

image-liondance performance for marketing and promotion

Double lion performance for marketing and promotion events

Lion dance is a great opening ceremony item for events.

Lion dance is a traditional Chinese cultural dance with high energy, positive aura and bright colours. The dance is typically performed in celebrations and festivities.

How is lion dance suitable for marketing, promotion and awareness campaigns?

Lively and Full of Vigour

The lion dance provides high energy opening in your events.

The costumes’ bright colours, the loud rhythmic drumming create positive and ominous vibe and uplifting mood.

The fun frolicking and jumping of the lion to rhythmic drum beats signifies liveliness and vigour.

Hence, the Cantonese (a southern Chinese dialect) expression, 生生猛猛 , or “saang saang maang maang” which means full of live and vigour.

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Feeding the lion

Participants are always welcome to interact and “feed” the lion during the lion dance.

When feeding the lion, you or your participants will be holding a fishing-rod-like attachment holding up the “food”. The “food” is always a fresh leafy green vegetable, most likely a fresh leaf lettuce, wrapped with a red envelope. The red envelope contains money which is awarded to the lion dance team who performs at the host’s event.

Symbolism of overcoming challenges, good omen and goodwill

Lion dance is a symbolism of overcoming challenges, good omen, goodwill. In Chinese folklore, the lion’s strength and presence helped villagers endured difficulties and overcome challenges.

The lion blessed by goddess from the heaven is tasked to perform and spread goodwill.

Therefore, lion dance is well suited for businesses, marketing and awareness campaigns to embrace positive energy and goodwill.

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Lion dance is a unique and memorable entertainment item for marketing, promotion and awareness campaigns.

With its Chinese cultural embedded, the lion dance helps give high energy launch for your campaigns. It warms up and engages the crowd, builds positive, uplifting energy at the start of the event and will carry forward to the apex of the marketing, promotion and awareness campaigns.